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Calaveras High School Student Chosen For California Youth Council

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Calaveras, CA– Colin Dunn, a student at San Andreas-Calaveras High School (CHS), has achieved a significant milestone by gaining acceptance into the California Youth Council (CYC). Dunn’s selection marks the first time a student from Calaveras County will be representing the region on the CYC. The California Youth Council operates under the umbrella of the California Friday Night Live Partnership (CFNLP) and the Tulare County Office of Education.

Prospective members of the Calaveras Youth Council must submit an application and a letter of recommendation. Membership typically spans a single school year. After serving a term during his junior year, Dunn, now a senior at CHS, is set to contribute to the CYC for the 2023-24 academic year. A nomination by an FNL Coordinator is an additional requisite for consideration for the state youth council.

Brandon Dodge, FNL Coordinator, emphasized the significance of youth development programs like Friday Night Live in giving young individuals a platform to voice their concerns. Dodge stated, “FNL allows young people to be open and honest about the problems they face on campus or in their community while being provided the tools and resources to make a difference.” He continued, “I nominated Colin because he’s been a natural leader from day one. He makes it a point to recognize and create a relationship with everyone he meets, and I know he will do the same with his new peers on the California Youth Council. This will be a huge year of growth for Colin, and we are excited to see him grow.”

The California Youth Council comprises youth leaders from high school and college age groups across the state. Each CYC member contributes localized experiences regarding youth issues in their respective communities to the broader state level. The aim is to effect change that extends beyond their hometowns and serve as a link between local youth and state-wide initiatives.

Reflecting on his journey, Dunn shared, “When I first joined FNL in 2021, I had no idea about CYC, I didn’t envision myself representing my county as a part of the CYC team. Becoming a part of the CYC team means a great deal to me because it means I get to represent my county on a bigger stage.” He added, “As a member of the CYC team, I hope to be able to spread awareness about the problems that rural California faces.”