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Sonora City Council To Consider Pay Raises

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Sonora, CA — For the first time in 15 years, there will be a discussion about changing the salaries for Sonora City Council members.

Back in 2009, the council approved a reduction in pay so that the Mayor receives $150 a month and all other council members receive $125. State law allows city councils for communities the size of Sonora to increase salaries up to 5% each year, and not to exceed $300 per month.

Given that the last change was in 2009, the council could raise salaries up to $262 for the Mayor and $218 for individual council members. It takes into account an allowable 5% increase for each of the past 15 years. Whether to do so will be voted on during today’s 5 pm meeting at Sonora City Hall.

If changes are made, they will take effect at the beginning of a council member’s new term in office, which will next be on July 1st of 2024. The council does not receive health or retirement benefits from the city.

Also tonight, the city will vote on paying the company Aspen Street Architects $14,175 to design and prepare construction documents for security upgrades at City Hall.

In addition, the council will vote to close some downtown streets for the September 29 for the Sonora Homecoming Parade.

Today’s meeting starts at 5pm at City Hall.