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New Details About Mi Wuk Village House Fire With Major Injuries

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Mi Wuk Village, CA — We reported earlier that a house caught on fire during the evening hours of July 2nd in Mi Wuk Village, and what sounded like “explosions” could be heard in the surrounding area.

A man was also flown from the scene to treat major injuries. There has been a lot of community interest about what happened and Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District Chief James Klyn has released an update that provides a recap of events.

You can read Chief Klyn’s statements below:

On Sunday, July 2, not long after 8 pm, 911 received multiple calls for a house fire in Mi-Wuk Village on Haipo Road. The resident of the home managed to escape, but unfortunately was severely burned. Luckily there were many people in the area, and some did not hesitate to help the burn victim walk up the road away from the fire to a safer location. The house was fully involved with many explosions happening at this time from aerosol cans, propane and O2 cylinders, to ammunition.

Right after the first Mi-Wuk fire engine arrived at the scene and pulled past the house to administer first aid to the victim, the power line to the house dropped, blocking the road. Twain Harte Fire/Rescue arrived at the scene with Mi-Wuk Fire Chief and another Mi-Wuk Fire engine right behind them. Twain Harte Fire/Rescue initiated a fire attack while the incoming engines behind them supplied them with water. The hydrant which was in front of the house, was on the opposite side of the downed power lines as were all the fire engines pumping the fire. Fire engines and water tenders supplied the engines pumping the fire while other apparatus started arriving from the other side of the street and were able to connect to the fire hydrants.

After the fire was contained, all the many agencies involved were released while Mi-Wuk apparatus and crews remained at the scene to cool hot spots while waiting for the investigation to conclude. One Mi-Wuk engine remained at the scene throughout the night to preserve the scene so the investigation could resume in the daylight. The conditions proved to be too dangerous for an in-depth investigation at night due to the condition of what was left of the structure. The incident was terminated at 9 AM the next morning after the onsite investigation.

Quick help from agencies all over the county made it possible to contain this fire to the structure and property. A big thanks from our department and community to Cal Fire, Twain Harte Fire/Rescue, Tuolumne County Fire, Tuolumne City Fire, Forest Service, BLM, Law Enforcement, and MDA (Tuolumne Division) for the quick help! We had so much help, I am sorry if I missed anybody. We have been receiving a huge outreach from our residents that are so grateful this fire was kept from spreading because of the huge response.

The burn victim was airlifted to UC Davis where he remains today in critical condition. We have been in contact with the burn victim’s family members who have been rotating in and out to stay with him and support each other. Our community has been constantly asking for updates on their neighbor’s condition and have been sending their prayers. We are all wishing for the best!

Currently, the official ruling of the fire is undetermined. Extensive fire damage has made the structure stability severely compromised. This is preventing a detailed investigation to determine the exact origin and cause of this fire.

Fire Chief,

James Klyn