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Alleged Burglar Caught Red-Handed

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Mariposa, CA – A scare for a Mariposa juvenile as he heard someone break into his family’s apartment in Mariposa and then called 911.

The break-in happened Wednesday afternoon at the Creekside Terrace Apartments, which is located at 5118 Fournier Road in Mariposa. The caller reported that a stranger had broken into one of the bedrooms inside the apartment and could be heard rummaging through it.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they caught 20-year-old John Andrew Ybarra in one of the unit’s rooms, grabbing items. Sheriff’s officials added that Ybarra is a parolee and a gang member. He was arrested for burglary and disorderly conduct; exactly what that entailed was not disclosed by sheriff’s officials. He was placed on $75,000 bail.

Regarding the arrest, Mariposa County Sheriff Jeremy Briese remarked, “We will confront and apprehend those criminals who come into our community with ill intentions to victimize our citizens or businesses.” He added, “This was a great arrest, and I’m proud of everyone involved.”

  • Arrest scene at apartment complex in Mariposa
  • John Andrew Ybarra
  • Arrest scene at apartment complex in Mariposa

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