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Road Charge Plan, Storm Damage, And Biomass Project On Supervisors Agenda

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Tuolumne, CA — A variety of issues will go before the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors at the first meeting of the month on Tuesday.

It will begin at 9am at the Tuolumne Resilience Center on Bay Avenue in Tuolumne.

The county already has a local state of emergency declared for storm damages received between December 27 and January 31, and will vote on proclaiming another emergency for more recent damages occurring throughout February and March. It could open up the door for additional state and federal dollars to assist in recovery efforts.

Later, at 11am, there will be an informational presentation from Caltrans Road Use Charge Program Manager Lauren Prehoda. She will talk about studies California is conducting around the idea of Californians paying for road improvements via a user fee, instead of the traditional gas tax. The change is being looked at because more drivers are purchasing electric and lower-emission vehicles (see image provided by Caltrans ahead of the meeting).

Then at 1:30pm, the Supervisors will hold a public hearing on a proposal to change the Williamson Act contract for the T-Five Ranches’ 872 acre site on O’Byrnes Ferry Road. The change has to do with the preparations ahead of a biomass facility being constructed on the property. In addition, the county will vote to approve a related agricultural management plan for the site. Click here to read an earlier story about the project.

Tuesday’s meeting at the Tuolumne Resilience Center is open to the public.