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Ready To Spark Spring Prescribed Burns In Forest

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Tuolumne County, CA – Three separate burns totaling over 800 acres will be ignited on the Stanislaus National Forest in an effort to reduce the threat of uncontrollable wildfires.

There is no exact date for setting off the fires given by the forest service, which just indicates they will be sparked throughout the month of May some lasting just about two weeks while other burns will continue into the spring weather permitting.

Residents and travelers along Highway 108 may see smoke in the skies due to two fires on the Mi-Wok Rangers District.  The Crandall Underburn along Forest Road 3N24 off Italian Bar Road south of Deer Creek will burn about 140 acres in various sized blocks throughout the spring, according to forest service officials. The South 108 Underburn along Forest Road 3N90 off North Fork road south of Long Barn consists of 175 acres. Forest Service spokesperson Clare Long likens the burn to a medical prescription, explaining, “We write this prescription by taking a look at what’s going on in the land and what it needs. In these 175 acres there are some areas that may need a little more intense fire; some may need just a quick brush of a fire to go across it. So, there is a plan for each one of these acres.  Fire will be ignited and we will follow the plans as best as possible.”

On the Groveland Ranger District, a 505 acre burn will take place about four miles northeast of Greenley Hill along Forest Road 1S29, 2S28 and 2S17. The plan is to ignite 50 acres daily, weather permitting. Long advises that smoke may be visible from Smith Station Road, with some down canyon drift smoke visible in the evening and early morning. She adds that signs will be put up to notify the public in the areas the burns area taking place in an effort to stop people from reporting a wildfire.

  • Mi-Wok Ranger Station - Stanislaus National Forest