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Yosemite Hosting Virtual Meeting To Discuss Visitor Access

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Yosemite, CA– Yosemite National Park is seeking input from visitors and community members to gain a greater understanding of the complex issues surrounding visitor access and to identify solutions that will ensure high-quality experiences, visitor safety, and resource protection. The National Park Service is accepting comments through February 3, 2023. This initiative comes after the reservation system was used in the summer of 2022 due to road construction and in previous years in 2021 and 2020, due to COVID-19. Potentially the reservation system could be used in the future but no plans are in place to utilize it in 2023. 

To participate, the park encourages individuals to first learn about the issues by visiting the park’s website and accessing materials such as a newsletter, a story map, and other informative resources. Once informed, individuals are encouraged to join the conversation and share their experiences and thoughts on the park. Questions that the park is particularly interested in include: What experiences in Yosemite are most important to you? What have been the best and worst parts of your experiences in Yosemite? What management practices or strategies has the park used to effectively address crowding and congestion? What barriers get in the way of enjoying or visiting Yosemite? And any other thoughts you’d like to share with the project team?

A virtual meeting open to the public will be held to discuss these topics on January 17th from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Information on how to join the virtual meeting can be found by clicking here.