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McClintock Argues For Investigation Into IRS, FBI And DOJ

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Washington, DC — Concerned that high-profile government agencies are being used to “weaponize” and push forward political agendas, Congressman Tom McClintock argued in favor of a new select committee that is being formed to review actions of groups like the IRS, FBI, and the Department of Justice.

McClintock stated on the US House Floor, “In order to enforce our laws, we have given terrifying powers to such agencies as the FBI, the IRS, and the CIA, among others.  The misuse of these powers to affect political outcomes would be fatal to freedom and it is the hallmark of any dictatorship.  This, our Constitution was written to prevent – whoever is in power.”

McClintock continued, “In recent years, we have watched the IRS target individuals because of their political beliefs.  We have seen a glaring double standard in the enforcement of our laws by our Justice Department based on the political beliefs of their targets.   We’ve seen their powers used to intimidate citizens into silence, whether the Tea Party or parents questioning their school boards.”

He concluded the speech by stating, “As Madison warned, democracy alone is not enough to protect our liberty, for in a pure democracy, 51 percent of the people can vote at any time to throw the other 49 percent in jail.  That’s why we have a Constitution, which limits the powers of government through checks and balances including Congress and a Bill of Rights, and why each of us takes an oath to support and defend it.”

It is one of the various select committees being created under the new Republican House leadership. McClintock, a member of the GOP, represents House District Five, which covers the Mother Lode region.