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Kewin Mill Road Reopened

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Phoenix Lake- Cedar Ridge, CA – Tuolumne County roads officials report culverts are the culprit for much of the roadway flooding including Kewin Mill road, which reopened this morning.

As reported Tuesday, Kewin Mill Road was closed due to flooding between Comstock Ranch Road and Belleview Elementary School. A failed culvert was to blame. Deputy Director of Tuolumne County Roads Duke York says culverts were a major culprit for area road closures, “What we’re seeing is that the storm, which was extremely warm, was hitting on top of the snow from the previous storm creating a double whammy. The snow was melting and the rain was hitting it and all of those mid-level drainages were being impacted. As the drainage came down it was picking up debris that accumulated over many years and when it got to the road culverts it was just overwhelming them.”

York adds that low water fords on Simms, Red Hills, Phoenix Lake, Bell Mooney and portions of Marshes Flat roads are still flooded as crews are working to clear culverts.

Additionally, sections of Marshes Flat and Italian Bar roads remained closed since the January 11th storm hit (click here for an early story detailing the damage). York reports an earlier estimate to fix those washed out roadways topped $4-million, but that amount may jump if the recent storms cause more damage.

Tuolumne County Office of Emergency Services (OES) also reports that a Red Cross shelter that was opened last night at the Willow Springs Club House for any residents displaced by the flooding was closed this morning. OES officials state one person used the shelter, but they were not from the immediately impacted area of the Cedar Ridge subdivision.

  • Kewin Mill Road flooding view from Comstock Ranch (file photo)