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Lodging Resort Projects Moving Forward Near Groveland

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Groveland, CA — There has been some recent activity in regard to a pair of resort-style projects in southern Tuolumne County.

Community Development Director Quincy Yaley says, “Right now we are really working on processing permits for the Yonder Yosemite Project. This was a recently approved hotel project on the Highway 120 corridor. They are assembling plans for a grading permit and are hoping to break ground soon on that project.”

Yonder Yosemite was reviewed by the Board of Supervisors this past April and will consist of 175 guest suites, a lodge, market, pool, bar, event area, and on-site employee housing. The project will be spread over 30 acres on Highway 120 in Big Oak Flat at the spot often referred to by locals as “The Scar.”

There is also a significant project now under construction just down the road, on Highway 120 east of Groveland, about a half mile from Smith Station Road.

It is referred to as the Firefall Lodge project. it was approved by the county way back in 2010 and was initially called the “Holcomb Project,” located on ranch property owned by Charles P. Holcomb.

Yaley notes, “It is approximately 55 overnight accommodation units, as well as an events center, and associated lodges, and things like that, which support the overall project.”

She continues, “They have broken ground, and there is lots of activity going on up at that site, and we (CDD) have been working with them to get them as far along as we possibly can in the event that we get some snow up in that area (in the coming months) which could cause project pauses.”

Both projects were discussed in the third segment of this past weekend’s Mother Lode Views radio show.

Yaley also stated that housing remains a top priority in the county right now. Adding, “We are fostering relationships with local and out-of-town builders and trying to bring more housing to the community, at all levels. Not just at an affordable or workforce housing level.”

She elaborates, “We like to reference the housing ladder. As we can move people into new units, it makes other types of (older) units available to other people who may just be entering the housing market.”

You can find the full show by clicking here. Another notable topic was the Climate Action Plan, which is scheduled to go before the Board of Supervisors next month.