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Berryhill’s Fishing License Bill Fails To Gain Passage

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Sacramento, Ca — A bill that would have created a junior fishing license is held up in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

California anglers, ages 16 and over, are currently required to purchase a fishing license for $47. Republican Senator Tom Berryhill’s legislation, SB 345, would have created a reduced priced, $31.25, license for younger residents between the ages of 16-18. After failing to be granted a vote in the Appropriations Committee, the bill is considered dead this legislative session.

Berryhill says, “Clearly a setback in my efforts to boost fishing license sales in California. Originally the bill created a year long fishing license as well as the junior license category but the majority party just kept whittling it down. Now this. Sadly, no one seems to have a Plan B on how to increase license sales and that is the real tragedy.”

Berryhill cites that fishing license sales in California have declined over 55% over the past 35 years, while the cost of an annual license has increased 840%.