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No More Open Flames In The Forest

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Sonora, CA — Beginning on Friday, August 5 at midnight, temporary fire restrictions will take effect on the Stanislaus National Forest through the end of the official 2016 fire season.

Forest officials have implemented the ban due to high fire danger, weather and fuel moisture conditions being so dry. The rules prohibit campfires, briquette barbeques and smoking outside of developed campgrounds in areas where there is designated “moderate to high” fire danger. Welding and the use of explosives are also prohibited, except by special permit. The order impacts the Groveland, Summit, Mi-Wok and Calaveras Ranger Districts.

The Forest Service noted that violators could be cited, and the areas will be patrolled by forest law enforcement officers. Spokesperson Rebecca Garcia shockingly notes, “Even after the extensive damage of the Rim Fire, we still find unattended campfires and that is incredibly dangerous.” She recommends putting the flames completely out by adding water to the ashes and stirring until it is cold to the touch and warns that campers never throw dirt onto a fire as it contains “duff,” which is actually flammable.

  • Mi-Wok Ranger Station - Stanislaus National Forest