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Fire Season Declared In Yosemite

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Yosemite, CA – Yosemite National Park officially declared the start of fire season.

Fire officials say the decision was made yesterday due to hotter and drier weather conditions. They added that fire season is enacted when the fire danger ratings for the park are at or above a moderate level for three consecutive days.

Visitors are required to follow all fire rules and regulations. Click here for those rules. Park officials instruct that the temporary fire restrictions reduce the probability of an accidental fire that could threaten visitors and employees during times of high fire danger. The public can help prevent human-caused wildfires by ensuring a campfire is out cold using the “drown, stir, and feel method.”

These include drowning the ashes with a lot of water, stirring them, adding more water, then putting them in your hands to make sure they are cold to the touch. Park officials noted that if the ashes are too hot to handle, then they are too hot to leave. Another reminder: masks are required for everyone in all National Park Service buildings and enclosed public transportation, regardless of vaccination status due to the COVID pandemic.