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Field Poll: Paying Too Much Income Tax?

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Sonora, CA — A new California poll shows that Democrats and Republicans have different opinions over whether residents are required to pay too much income tax.

The Field Poll shows that 80% of Republicans feel the income tax rate is too high, but only 42% of Democrats share the same opinion. Combined, 54% of Californians feel the amount is too much.

Looking at household income, 57% of those making over $100,000 feel the rate is too high, 57% of those making between $40,000-$99,000 and 40% of those making less than $40,000.

On a different matter, 48% of California voters say they are financially better off this year than last year, 27% report no change and 25% are worse off this year.

When asked about the state of the economy, only 39% of Californians say these are “good times.” The results varied by region. 54% in the San Francisco Bay Area feel these are good times, 39% in Los Angeles County and 36% in the Central Valley.

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