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GPS Location Tracking Devices Good Idea But Too Expensive

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A recent myMotherLode poll asked if $130 and up for GPS location tracking device for people and pets. The results were 30 percent too expensive, 24 percent good idea, 17 percent bad idea and 17 percent not needed, with a remaining 9 percent don’t know.

GPS trackers for pets are somewhat new. Other methods include a microchip under a pet’s skin usually in the back of the neck. Our lost and found pet page has several current listings and we will continue to provide information about local lost and found pets here.

Missing persons do end up in news stories, the most recent the successful location of a woman, as detailed here, and an Oakdale family who was stranded and later located. There is still a man missing who was last seen at the here.

Results of other informal polls were overwhelming (81%) agreement that the amount of tax on a gallon of gas is too much. More information about the current state gas tax amount is here.

Also it was 58 percent, the Mother Lode doesn’t need more low income housing, to 42 percent in favor of more.

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