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Cracking Down On Parking Downtown

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Sonora, CA — If you park too long in downtown Sonora, do not be surprised to find a ticket on the windshield as a new officer will be patrolling the area once again.

Sonora Police Chief Mark Stinson explains, after nearly four years without a parking enforcement officer, the city council decided to fund the position due to complaints from the public. “People got really lax. It is normal to see people parked in a three hour space for up to eight hours.”

Starting Wednesday, January 13, the officer will be on the streets looking for parking violators. Chief Stinson says all the areas are clearly marked. He warns motorists, “If you know you have not been following the rules in the past, you may want to start following them by that date…If not, you’re liable to get a ticket and get penalized.”

Here is the SPD’s list of violations and fines:

  • Overtime parking $26.00
  • Red zone $41.00
  • Out of marked space $21.00
  • 18” from the curb $31.00
  • Double parking $41.00
  • Backing into stall $21.00
  • Parked wrong way $41.00
  • No parking any time $41.00
  • Loading zone $41.00
  • Permit parking $31.00
  • Stopped in fire lane $41.00
  • Blocking hydrant $81.00
  • Parking in crosswalk $41.00
  • Parking on sidewalk $41.00


  • SPD's Parking Enforcement Vehicle