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Washington Street Paving Wrapped

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Sonora, CA – It is smooth sailing through downtown Sonora now that all the roadway bumps, pot holes and ripples have been repaired.

The Washington Street Paving Project wrapped up on Tuesday morning with the final finish striping along the affected roads. As previously reported, equipment problems had pushed back the completion from last Friday. City Engineer Jerry Fuccillo has a few words of advice for motorists. “Slow down, because the pavement is a lot quieter and you don’t realize how fast you’re going. The sound of the tires on the pavement — this is that rubberized pavement — is a lot less than what you’re used to, so you tend to go by the sound and you don’t realize you’re going really fast.”

By the way, the speed limit is 25 mph on that main stretch of the roadway through downtown Sonora. Improvements were also made to the following adjacent roads: from Stockton Street to 1,000 feet south of Hospital Road; Restano Way; Stewart Street from Restano Way to Lytton Street; and Mono Way from Restano Way to about 600 feet east.

  • Washington Street Paving and Striping Done
  • New and Old Washington Street Road Surface