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Speed Bumps Not Stop Sign Cameras

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Sacramento, CA — The State Senate Natural Resources Committee wants answers and possible changes regarding a stop sign automated camera-ticketing program.

As previously reported, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), which sights safety reasons for using the cameras, operates the only program in the state. The cameras catch drivers rolling through the stop signs at a number of its parks and overlooks — then hits motorists with a $100 fine. Republican Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff is the author of SB218, a bill that would close the loophole in state law that allows for the cameras’ use as a “revenue generator” for the authority.

This week, during a hearing on SB218, the committee asked MRCA for any engineering or accident reports to justify the camera needs, which Huff’s office says the authority did not provide.  The committee also asked MCRA to consider speed bumps as an alternative to the cameras. Huff’s bill will be held in committee, giving MRCA more time to work on these issues. “We all share a common love for our public parks and want people to have a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting them,” said Senator Huff, following the hearing. “I find it promising that some of my colleagues believe, as I do, that no matter how noble the goal, the MRCA needs to better justify its stop sign camera enforcement program.”

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