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Lawmakers Rally For More Water Storage

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Sacramento, CA — California Republicans are becoming increasingly vocal on the issue of fast-tracking water projects that would increase storage capacity.

A rally was held at the state capitol yesterday that included farmers, business leaders and water advocates. Republican Assembly Leader Kristin Olsen said, “No civilized society seeks to destroy its own food supply, and yet that’s where government policies are headed in California, if we don’t start to turn this ship around and do something different. We’ve got to increase storage so that we can prevent future situations like we’re in today.”

Storage funds related to the Proposition One Water Bond will not be available until December of next year, but many lawmakers are calling for the speedy construction of projects, and CEQA exemptions, once that money is available.

Olsen added, “This affects all regions of our state, urban, rural, suburban, agriculture, business, high tech and low tech. All of us have a vested interest in working together to make sure that we can increase water supply in a state that so desperately needs it.”

Speakers at the rally claimed that California has suffered $2.2 billion in economic damages as a result of the four year drought.

  • Sacramento Capitol Building