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Olsen Pushes For CEQA Reform

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Sacramento, CA — Today Assembly Republicans, led by Kristin Olsen, introduced a series of bills designed to boost California’s economy.

Many call for changes to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). For example, Assembly Bill 311 would streamline the CEQA process to expedite the construction of voter approved water storage facilities. Assembly Bill 641 would mandate that all CEQA related lawsuits against housing projects be resolved within 270 days.

There is also a proposal that would allow employers and employees to mutually agree that a 40 hour work week can be a 4-day, 10-hour schedule. In addition, there is legislation that calls for a task force to be created to review the use of unmanned aircraft. The group would work towards safeguarding the privacy of Californians, while planning for the development of a new industry in the state.

Assemblywoman Olsen claims, “State government is stuck in the past when it comes to the economy. Government doesn’t create jobs, but it has been a barrier to innovation and economic growth.”

The package, including additional bills, is being referred to as “Grow Together CA.”

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