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Lt. Governor Leading Commission On Marijuana

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Sacramento, CA — California’s Lt. Governor is leading a group looking at the impacts of potentially legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Gavin Newsom is the head of a steering committee entitled the “Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy.” It was organized by the American Civil Liberties Union of California.  During the 2016 election, state voters will likely be asked whether to legalize marijuana, similar to states such as Colorado. Newsom says the commission is looking at how the drug could best be taxed, how children would be protected, and public safety ensured.

The Lt. Governor said in a statement, “With marijuana legalization increasingly likely in California, it is vital that policymakers are informed by the expert think tank we’ve assembled, to make sure any changes in law are thoughtfully constructed and implemented safely and effectively.”

Newsom has openly been a proponent of legalizing marijuana.

  • Gavin Newsom