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Not A Typical Science Fair

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Sonora, CA – A twist on the conventional science fair, Tuolumne County Schools hosted the STEM Symposium and Expo at the Fairgrounds Thursday night.

Event goers got a chance to explore and engage in fun activities, as the students who had entered in the Rube Goldberg Machines and Robotics categories showed off their inventions. Additionally, there were many science fiction story and scientific illustration attractions to enjoy.  School officials say they were thrilled that this first year of this new format resulted in a bigger than expected response from students, as the goal was to create “something different” and involve students who had not participated in past STEM projects.

The final event of the evening, the Awards Ceremony, capped this year’s fair.  All students received a Certificate of Participation and a ribbon.  Here is the list of winners:

Award Grade School Title Name
Rosette 5th Twain Harte Should we use that gray water? Emily Rich
Karen Bakerfield Award Best – Trophy 7th Connections Academy Sand Reflectance: Does Beach Sand Reflect More Light Than Desert Sand? Taryn Tolhurst
Best – Trophy 6th Soulsbyville The Easy Spreader Gregory Crook
Rosette 7th Twain Harte Can you upcycle a chainsaw into an RC car? Tyler Lassa
Rosette 8th Belleview Haul’n Up The Hill Ryan Dunlap
Rosette 8th Soulsbyville Got ZZZZZ…? Alan Wells
Rosette 5th Soulsbyville Suck It Up! Katie Dinatale
Rosette 5th Columbia Will Peace Lilies Absorb Food Coloring Through Their Roots and Into the Flower? Danielle Insilan
Karen Bakerfield Award Best – Trophy 6th Soulsbyville Can I Drink That Water? Sarah Bruno
Rosette 6th Curtis Creek Feel the Music Jonah Gray
Rosette 6th Soulsbyville All Hands In Emily Snyder
Best – Trophy 7th Curtis Creek Therapy Paws Emily Van Noord, Addie McIlroy
Rosette 7th Soulsbyville Hungry for Science? Vanessa Anderson
Rosette 7th Columbia Investigating Taste Zones in the Mouth Kristina Thompson
Best – Trophy 8th Soulsbyville Musicophilla (the love of music) Mika Taylor
Rosette 8th Curtis Creek Crabitats Reese Parkan, Gabby McRee
Rosette 8th Soulsbyville Tiny Terrors on Your Toothbrush Paul Bruce
Rosette High School Gold Rush Does Personality Type Affect Color Preference? Julianne Jarvis, Kenia Santos
Best – Trophy 5th Soulsbyville Got Vitamin C? Hannah Husher
Rosette 5th Curtis Creek Gone With The Wind! Mattie Knobloch
Rosette 5th Curtis Creek What’s Smoking? Sofia Vasquez
Best – Trophy 6th Gold Rush How does the Amount of Pressure in a Potato Cannon Effect the Projectile Range? Athan Tippett
Rosette 6th Sonora Improving Solar Panels Bailey Johnson
Rosette 6th Columbia Reaction Rockets Nathan Winans
Best – Trophy 7th Curtis Creek Methods of Cleaning Water Vicente Redwing
Rosette 7th Columbia Tea Time Makenzie Navarro, Anna Gillespie
Rosette 7th Soulsbyville Ohm Sweet Ohm Robert Bollinger
Best – Trophy 8th Curtis Creek Magnet Muscle Ryan St. Clair
Rosette 8th Soulsbyville Coolest Cooling Jonas Gray
Rosette 8th Curtis Creek Can I Drink This? Trent Tanko
Rosette High School Connections Academy Will My Note Pan Out? Cheyenne Simnitt