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Tougher Water Restrictions Coming

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Sonora, CA —  As first reported by, PG&E no longer believes that Pinecrest Lake will “fill and spill” this year, so T.U.D. will likely step up conservation efforts.

Wednesday at a special T.U.D. Board of Director’s meeting, staff relayed PG&E’s news that Pinecrest Lake is forecasted to reach about 75% capacity this year.  General Manager Tom Scesa assured the board that the district should still be in ok shape, with conservation measures.

Scesa indicated,”If we go into a water use and delivery scenario that occurred last year, we’ll have adequate water supply to get us through the end of the calendar year.”

The district is currently reviewing potential conservation measures. Scesa said, “We anticipate in May bringing you [the board] the next phase of conservation.  Obviously, right now, we’re following the state requirements.  We may or may not have to go more severe than that.”

In 2014, T.U.D. implemented mandatory water restrictions with a goal of a 50% reduction.  T.U.D. officials praised customers for reaching a peak conservation effort of 44% in May and overall conserved 32% compared to the previous year.

T.U.D. officials say the District will be reviewing its drought contingency plan and water forecasting models to predict the water that will be needed now until Labor Day.   The District staff reports PG&E, as it did last year, will again seek a variance to reduce instream flow releases below Lyons Reservoir to conserve water for environmental protection and T.U.D.

Click here ( T.U.D. Water Supply Charts) to view staff’s water supplies graphs and charts shown to the Board.

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