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Critical Home Repair Loans That Pay It Forward

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Sonora, CA – A federal grant can help some homeowners get costly repairs done and then pay it forward.

A $200,000 USDA grant has been awarded to Habitat for Humanity of Tuolumne County to expand its Home Repair Program for the next two years.  The program is for homeowners with a limited or a fixed income to get needed funds to make critical repairs or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) assistance, like Margo, pictured here, did to have this ramp built onto her home.

Margo using her ramp built by Habitat Home Repair Program
Habitat for Humanity of Tuolumne County

How the program works is by giving zero-down, zero-interest loans to homeowners. The work is then done by Habitat crews and volunteers. The recipient is only responsible for the cost of the materials and a licensed contractor if specialized work is needed.

The reduced cost also allows more people to take advantage of the program, which once the loan is paid off, the money goes back into the program to be loaned out again.

To apply for the repair program, click here, then click on “our service,” then home repairs. Questions regarding the program can be directed to (209) 536-0970 or through