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Mountain Lion Spotted

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San Andreas, CA — Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department has put out an alert regarding a mountain lion sighting.

The cougar was spotted last night in San Andreas.  The adult cat was seen on Highway 49 by the Pickle Patch eatery near Pool Station Road.  Sheriff’s officials are warning the public to keep an eye on pets and bring them inside, especially overnight.

As reported this past September, Sonora police confirmed that a mountain lion was responsible for killing two goats off of Bald Mountain Road in Sonora.  At that time, residents were encouraged to keep goats, sheep and even cattle in a barn or enclosure with a top at night to discourage cougars.

Wildlife officials have warned with the dry conditions that mountain lions are more likely to go for easier food sources.  When dealing with past sightings, law enforcement has warned residents to be aware of their surroundings when walking with young children and pets, especially at night.  Sheriff’s officials recommend, if you do make a sighting, walk away from the animal slowly, do not antagonize it and then call police.