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House Will Vote On Water Bill

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Washington, DC — The Republican led House of Representatives will vote on a water bill that would have big implications on California, however, it appears unlikely to pass in the Senate.

The Associated Press reports the new effort is advertised as a temporary measure that would allow agencies to divert water from northern rivers and reservoirs during the rainy season and send it to farms in the San Joaquin Valley, where hundreds of thousands of acres went unplanted and untended this year.

The bill, set to be voted on today, would expire after 18 months. It would also speed up federal decision making on water projects, and roll back some environmental regulations.

While support is likely in the Republican controlled House, it is not likely to pass in the Senate. California Senator Dianne Feinstein indicated yesterday that provisions altering environmental regulations would need to change, before she could support this type of measure. Senator Barbara Boxer also expressed concerns about the bill.