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Fire Safe Thanksgiving

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San Andreas, CA — CAL Fire says while Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate, there are also thousands of house fires caused annually across the nation from holiday cooking.

CAL Fire says there is tendency around the holidays to get distracted by family members, when cooking. The agency is offering the following simple tips:

  • Don’t leave cooking unattended and keep an eye on what you fry. If you leave the kitchen, turn the burner off.
  • Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove. Someone walking by is less likely to bump them and it prevents a curious child from pulling them over.
  • Food preparation and cooking should always be supervised by an adult.
  • When using a turkey fryer, be sure to follow instructions closely. Don’t exceed the recommended oil level and only use the device outdoors away from structures!
  • Make sure a fire extinguisher is handy at all times. Never use water to put out a grease fire.
  • Ensure you have working smoke alarms installed throughout your home.

Click on the video link in the upper left hand box to view a fire safety video shot in Calaveras County.

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