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50-Plus Age Group Influences Elections

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Sonora, CA — When glancing over voter statistics in Tuolumne County, Elections Official Debi Bautista says two things stand out.

Bautista says 67% of registered voters in the county are over the age of 50, and only 1.5% are between the ages 18-20. “After the November election, we may try to team up with Columbia College, and the high schools, to try and do some more outreach to the voters,” she says. “It’s been shown if you get people involved at an early age, they stay involved, and vote their entire life.”

Tuolumne County does have an older demographic, compared to other areas of the state. The median age in Tuolumne County is around 47, while the statewide average is 33. Despite this, Bautista says the percentages are surprising. Tuolumne County has 39,644 residents that are eligible to vote, of which, around 29,300 are actually registered.

Tuolumne County Voter Stats
T.C. Elections Office


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