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Calaveras School Focuses On Anti-Vape Awareness

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Angels Camp, CA – Touting the slogan, “You’ll need your lungs in the long run,” students Mark Twain Elementary took to the track last week.

Through the student-led program Club Live, offered by Calaveras County Office of Education’s Student Support Services Department, three middle school campuses focused on a social or health issue affecting their campus and try to make a difference on their campus and community.

This semester the Mark Twain Elementary chapter targeted youth vaping. The students of Club Live led an Anti-Vape Awareness Jog-O-Thon during lunch last week. They handed out flyers, anti-vape bracelets, pens, and stickers. Then they laced up their sneakers and completed four laps around the school track to bring the message home. Afterward, the students were given t-shirts with the anti-vaping slogan on them, as can be seen in the image box, to continue to spread the word to others that vaping is a bad habit.

  • Mark Twain Elementary students hold Jog-O-Thon targeting anti-vaping