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Wilseyville Hare Scramble Draws Large Crowds

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Wilseyville, CA– The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office receives state funding to staff and purchase equipment for off-highway vehicle enforcement activities. Deputies have been assigned to patrol areas in Calaveras County that experience legal, and illegal usage. Law enforcement hopes education outreach, and enforcement will give off-highway vehicle enthusiasts a chance to indulge their hobby while protecting environmental sustainability.

Recently, a group of riders from all over the region came revving into Wilseyville to test their skills in the “Wilseyville Hare Scramble”. A long-standing race, the event offers sanctioned races for all ages and skill levels. The event drew approximately 750 riders and many more spectators and vendors. Some contestants, due to mechanical failures or minor injuries, did not complete their race but overall it’s an event that was considered safe and successful.

The event is being seen as an example of private organizations offering sustainable long-term recreation events for these types of vehicles and minimizing the negative impacts of illegal and unsanctioned trails on public lands. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s office would like to thank the public for using public lands in a safe and legal manner. And Sheriffs would like to remind the public that Quads, motorcycles, UTV, or snowmobiles all legally require helmets. Law enforcement also wants to remind the public to never ride alone, always let someone know where you are going, and never ride anywhere that exceeds your skill level or is not a sanctioned trail.


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