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Local CHP Officers Will Also Keep Tabs On Organized Retail Theft

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Sonora, CA — Governor Gavin Newsom announced this week that CHP officers will be tasked with helping to crack down on organized retail crime efforts following recent high-profile incidents in the Bay Area. Newsom indicated that officers will be a regular presence at larger municipal shopping centers this holiday season.

Clarke Broadcasting reached to local Sonora CHP spokesperson, Officer Steve Machado, to see if the directive impacts local officials.

Officer Machado says, “We have a lot of local businesses in our community, and when people think about these organized retail crimes, they kind of think of the larger, metropolitan areas. But Tuolumne County, and this area, is not immune to those types of crimes. So, if those crimes do occur, we will definitely assist the local law enforcement agencies and do what we can to help in those investigations.”

Officer Machado says if you see organized retail theft, do not try to approach the suspects. You should note what the people look like, try to obtain a license and vehicle description, and report suspicious activity to either a store manager or law enforcement.