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“Spooked” Deer Injures Girl In Yosemite

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Yosemite, CA – A Yosemite National Park visit ended with a trip to the hospital for one family after one member was attacked by a deer.

The park disclosed that recently a girl was injured when she approached a buck being fed by other park visitors. “The buck spooked, and its antlers connected with the girl’s arm, causing a deep laceration and chest abrasions. The wound was dressed at the Yosemite Medical Clinic, and she left for further care at a nearby hospital,” detailed park officials.

Visitors are not allowed to feed or approach wildlife in Yosemite, as it is illegal. Park officials acknowledge that rule is not always adhered to by visitors. Due to that fact, they warn that while some animals, including deer, may be used to people approaching them, they can still “spook easily and will defend themselves if people get too close or startle them.”

Noting that this is not how they want anyone’s visit to Yosemite to end, park officials ask visitors to “please, for the protection of these wild animals and for the safety of all visitors, always keep your distance!”