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DMV Extends Online Seniors’ License Renewal

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Sacramento, CA – Seniors needing to renew their driver’s license in California still have a couple of months to do it online instead of having to go to a DMV office and wait in line.

The DMV has extended the online or by mail renewal for Californians aged 70 and older through December 31, 2022. Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation to continue this temporary rule as the COVID pandemic persists.

This includes REAL ID renewals and even if a renewal notice states a field office visit is required, click here. DMV officials add that customers applying for a REAL ID for the first time may start the application online and upload the required documents. However, they must visit a field office to take a photo and finalize the process. State officials note that customers can also use the Service Advisor on the DMV website to learn their options to complete tasks.

DMV officials encourage drivers to use the online service, stating, “With more customers using online services, DMV offices have more space to accommodate individuals who need a REAL ID or complete other tasks that require an office visit.”