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I Don’t Work For Unions

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San Andreas, CA — Sheriff Gary Kuntz had that to say about a second group backing his opponent in the heated Calaveras County Sheriff’s race.

In March, the Calaveras County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA) threw its support behind challenger Pat Garrahan instead of incumbent Kuntz.  At the time, Sheriff Kuntz remarked that the members vote to endorse Garrahan was close and that it was due to a couple of disgruntled deputies.  That remark sparked a controversy and the DSA fired back saying an “overwhelming majority” of its members backed Kuntz opponent.

As reported earlier this month, the Calaveras Consolidated Firefighter’s Association followed the DSA’s lead and endorsed Garrahan. Both groups cited his 30 years of experience as a police lieutenant and his Marine Corps background as reasons for their support.

Yesterday at the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office and Jail dedication ceremony, Kuntz had this to say about the endorsements, “The firefighter’s consolidated is just one group of many.  The Deputies Sheriff Association, it’s a union.  I work for the people of Calaveras County. I don’t work for the unions.”  Kuntz also claims up to 16 deputies have told him they did not vote for Garrahan.

After the firefighter’s association endorsement, Garrahan’s election website posted this statement, “My thanks to the firefighters for their support; I look forward to working with them to improve emergency services in the county.”

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