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New Principal At Sonora High

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Sonora, CA — The interim principal has taken the position permanently.  Last night, the Sonora Union High School District Board of Trustees voted to make Pat Chabot the school’s Principal.

Superintendent Mike McCoy says, “He’s been an administrator in our district for the past seven years.  He has a lot of experience. He is mature.  He’s grounded and very well centered.  He is going to be an absolute wonderful asset to all of us.”

In January, there was a shakeup at the school when Chabot was named the interim Principal.   At that time, the Principal for the past seven years, Todd Deardon, was moved to Director of Special Projects and Programs.  The job entails overseeing the school’s bond project.  It is slated to run through the end of the school year, but McCoy noted, “It’s just like any of these positions, from superintendent down to custodian, they are constantly being examined. Todd’s a very bright capable guy and we’re pleased he’s able to take on this tough assignment at this critical time in our district’s history.”

The vote to hire Chabot as Principal for the next school year was unanimous.