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Mother Lode Fairgrounds Actively Searching For New CEO

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Sonora, CA — With the retirement of Fair Manager/CEO Ken Alstott, the Mother Lode Fair Board is looking for a permanent replacement.

Until that person can be found, the board has hired a consultant, Kelley Ferreira, who was recommended by Alstott to take his place. Ferreira has decades of experience, most recently retiring from managing the Hollister Fairgrounds and fair for more than 25 years, according to Mother Lode Fairgrounds Board President Esteban Arreguin.

“His purpose is really to make sure the day-to-day operations of the fairgrounds are taken care of and we’re looking for any feedback from him in terms of improvements based on his experience,” detailed Arreguin. “It is always a good idea to get someone from the outside to come in and evaluate. He’s helping us plan the 2022 fair. If he’s got any ideas or recommendations, we would welcome and evaluate them.”

The ideal candidate for CEO would have significant fair experience, according to Arreguin, but also, “Someone that has been working with the state, able to navigate regulations and requirements and have knowledge of the inner workings of the state to keeps us away from potential pitfalls or problems.”  He added, “A person who knows of the available state grants and is familiar with that process. Someone who can turn around the applications quickly and help secure those funds.”

While several candidates have already applied, applications are still being accepted. Arreguin added, “Ideally we would like someone local. It doesn’t mean necessarily that they have to live in Sonora, but perhaps some of the adjacent counties. It is helpful to have somebody that can drive to the meetings and can attend to any type of emergency. There is definitely an advantage.”

The end of March is the target for filling the position. The compensation for the part-time job is between $40 and $60 an hour. Ferreira’s contract is for four months, ending December 31st.

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