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Phone Scam Alert

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Officials are warning the public about a phone scam using the department’s phone number.  This morning around 10:30, a deputy spoke with a victim who was targeted by the scammers.

The woman told the deputy she got a phone call from a heavily accented male who said he was with the “Attorney General’s Office.” He told the victim she owed $3,000 and had to pay it within the hour or she would be arrested.  The woman says the man knew personal information about her. He told her she must pay by credit/debit card immediately or a warrant would be issued for her arrest. The male gave a Sacramento call back number of 916-414-8366.

Then the victim got a second phone call, this time from a woman with a heavy accent. The victim says her caller ID showed the local Sheriff’s number of 209-533-5815.  The woman told the victim there was a warrant out for her arrest and she would be going to prison.  That is when the victim’s boyfriend called the Sheriff’s Office and discovered it was a scam.

Luckily, the victim did not give out any personal information to the scammers.  She told the deputy both callers were very aggressive and intimidating.

Sheriff’s Officials say to never give out any personal information, credit/debit information or any other account information when solicited.  The Attorney General’s Office has been contacted.  They reported they were aware of this fraud, but had not seen it used with a local law enforcement phone number involved.