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Berryhill: Governor’s Drought Plan A “Band Aid”

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Sacramento, CA — Local District 14 Senator Tom Berryhill has mixed emotions about Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed $687 million drought relief package.

“Calling these proposals drought relief is a little bit misleading,” says Berryhill. “More water storage, that is the real drought relief that we need moving forward.”

The Governor’s legislation would fund “shovel ready” projects that are designed to help California communities get through some of the current challenges created by the drought. For example, it will accelerate water conservation and recycling projects. It will also provide some food and housing assistance for areas that are hit the hardest by the drought, notably agricultural regions.

“I just don’t want the Legislature off the ropes on this,” adds Berryhill. “We need a real solution this year.”

The Governor’s proposed legislation passed through the Assembly and Senate budget committees, and now goes onto the full legislature for a vote.