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High Speed Rail Redo?

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Sacramento, CA — The Secretary of State’s Office reports that a proposed state ballot measure could halt the high speed rail project.

The measure would prohibit the future sale of high speed rail bonds, which were approved by voters in 2008. However, it would still allow for construction of the first phase through the Central Valley, as planning is already well underway. It would also authorize the state to acquire and dedicate right of way for pilot projects, similar to the high speed rail.

The Secretary of State reports that the proponent, listed as Nick Garzilli, has until July 24th to collect the needed 504,000 signatures, to qualify for the November ballot. The high speed rail bonds were approved by 52.7% of voters in 2008, but support has fallen over the past few years as the cost projections have soared. The latest estimate puts the total price tag at over $68 billion.