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Blue Mountain Minerals Asks County To Rescind Project

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Sonora, Ca — Blue Mountain Minerals is planning to conduct a full Environmental Impact Report for its Ag Fill Expansion Project.

The county required a Mitigated Negative Declaration environmental review for the 27 acre expansion of BMM fill area, and the Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center filed a lawsuit arguing that the Supervisors should have required a full EIR.

Blue Mountain Minerals CEO Jeff Redoutey released a statement this afternoon saying, “The lawsuit’s sole purpose was to add cost to the project and delay it’s implementation, but given the nature of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) litigation it was prudent to conduct additional studies and complete a full Environmental Impact Report.”

Redoutey added, “This is a perfect example of a small group, such as CSERC, costing the businesses and citizens of this county hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to slow down key projects that would preserve or add jobs to this county. If I announced that I had an additional $200,000 to give Tuolumne’s non-profits, I would have a line out the door of great ideas to use those resources. Instead, I will be sending those dollars to lawyers and consultants outside the county.”

Redoutey believes the county was correct in only requiring a Mitigated Negative Declaration, and does not anticipate anything will change with the project.