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Summerville Stadium Cost Hikes

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Tuolumne, CA — The Summerville High School Stadium project could cost nearly a million dollars more than anticipated, and it may not be ready for next year’s football season. That is what the contractor told school board members at a special meeting Wednesday. Superintendent Robert Griffith says it is all in the hands of the State Department of Architects.

“We are at their mercy in terms of the next step. We’re in a hold mode,” says Griffith.

The stadium plans were submitted to the state on December 20th, and with possible design changes, could take up to four months before there is an approval. The stadium was slate to cost around $3.2 million, with a ground breaking this spring and construction completed by the fall, just in time for the football season. Now the cost has jumped to $4.2 million.

Griffith says, “There were some components that were left out of those (early) figures that have now been included because now we are getting final estimates, particularly in electrical and underground electrical costs, and design of the bleachers. Now that we have solid estimates in place, we can look into to how we can trim costs down as much as possible”

Fitting the stadium, which includes eight tracks circling the football field, bleachers and a snack shack, into the space available, has been a concern. Also, large rocks in the ground have caused problems with the design of the bleachers and foundation. There are several options being looked at, like a smaller track, and tearing down the snack shack to make more room.

Griffith stresses, “The stadium costs are still well within the confines of the $8 million dollar bond.” Voters passed that Measure H bond in 2012.

In addition, Griffith says they are already working on a “plan B” for the football season, which includes possibly taking the field at Sonora Union High School for some home games.