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Tuolumne Schools Provide Fitness Example

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools, Joe Silva, reports on the success of the three year “Fit for the Future” program. In his new blog “Fit for the Future” Silva provides details about the program and what it accomplished here.

Silva says in March, the California Secretary of Health, Diana Dooley, will be visiting Tuolumne county schools to see the program in action.

Silva reports that Tuolumne County had an average score of 54% for the 5th grade students which was the highest in the state. He also says the 7th grade average was 57% which was the second highest in the state. The state average is around 30%.

Silva’s blog “Fit for the Future” is here. For more about the Fit for the Future program view “Tuolumne Ahead of California In Physical Fitness Tests” here.