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Report Critical Of Caltrans

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Sacramento, CA — A state commissioned report is critical of the operations of Caltrans and calls for a “change in culture” when it comes to adaptation and innovation.

The 101 page independent report was put together by the State Smart Transportation Initiative, which is based at the University of Wisconsin.

It states, “Caltrans today is significantly out of step with best practice in the transportation field and with the state of California’s policy expectations.”

The report recommends a change in how Caltrans expresses its mission, what resources are available to achieve that mission, and better utilizing those resources to the greatest effect.

It also states, “Managerial systems and practices are inadequate to motivate staff and to hold them accountable, and to foster innovation.”

Caltrans Director Malcolm Doherty has issued a statement reading, “We see this as a tremendous opportunity to reassess our priorities and improve our performance. We have some internal reforms already underway so we can hit the ground running.”

The report also calls for more local control over decision making. The report was funded by the California State Transportation Agency, which oversees Caltrans. Click here to find the entire report.