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Water Districts At-Risk

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Sacramento, CA — A state report shows that 17 California water districts are at risk of running out of water within the next few months.

The report was put out by the California Department of Public Health. In the Mother Lode region, the list includes the Jackson Valley Irrigation District in Amador County and the Whispering Pines Apartments in Mariposa County.

The 17 rural water systems on the list serve anywhere from 39 to 11,000 Californians. “As the severe drought continues, we’re working with impacted communities to identify alternative water sources and additional resources,” said Dr. Ron Chapman, California Public Health Director.

The communities could run out of water within 60-100 days. The Public Health Department is working with the districts to implement water rationing measures. The state notes that the list would likely expand if the drought continues to worsen.