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Calaveras County Judge Retires

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San Andreas, CA — Judge John Martin is stepping down from the bench. Martin made the announcement today that he will retire at the end of his term in January of 2015.

Martin’s legal career spans more than three decades in Calaveras County. Martin has been a Calaveras County Superior Court Judge since 1995 when then Governor Pete Wilson appointed him to the position. Before that, he was the Calaveras County District Attorney for ten years.

Judge Martin says, “I have been honored to serve the people of Calaveras County for over 32 years. The personal significance of that number is that it is approximately half of my life. I have many non-law related interests and goals that have yet to be fulfilled and since, in life there is no rewind, now is the time. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the people who have placed their confidence in me and allowed me the opportunity to have a fulfilling career in Calaveras County’s legal system.”

Martin also says he plans to continue to be a familiar face around the courthouse sitting from time to time as a retired judge. The position will be filled in this year’s June election. Martin is recommending Calaveras County Court Commissioner Grant V. Barrett to fill his seat. Thomas P. Meyers is the only other potential candidate at this time as he has taken out papers for the position.

On a related note, last week Judge Hugh Swift was sworn in to replace Judge Douglas V. Mewhinney who retired in March of 2012. Governor Jerry Brown appointed Swift to the position last month. Judge Swift’s seat will also be up for election in June. Tim Healy and John J. Trifio have taken out papers to run for that seat.