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McConnell: Vaccines Are Moving COVID from Crisis to Challenge

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U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently delivered remarks on the Senate floor regarding vaccines and the economy.

McConnell was Tuesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”. Here are his words:

“We are more than a year from the technical end of the COVID-19 recession. There are more than nine million job openings in the country — the most in American history by far.

Three safe and effective vaccines are easily available, across the country, free of charge, for any adult who wants one. Medical contraindications are rare. And CDC data tell us that once someone is fully vaccinated, their risk of dying from COVID-19 absolutely plummets, right down into the normal range of risks that we implicitly face on a daily basis.

Vaccines may not magically eliminate the virus overnight. But the evidence tells us that vaccines can eliminate the degree to which the virus represents a unique crisis.

We may not be entirely out of the woods. The Delta uptick makes that clear.

But it is time to stop governing as if we were trapped in a permanent economic meltdown. It factually is not the case.

But the Democratic Party’s far left flank is resisting this simple fact.

They were counting on this terrible but temporary pandemic to be their Trojan horse for permanent socialism. So they don’t want to admit that the vaccines are transitioning COVID from a crisis into a challenge.

Case in point: The surreal episode that has unfolded this past week over evictions.

For a year and a half now, government has basically told landlords they have little or no recourse if tenants stop paying rent.

This isn’t just about massive corporations that some think could eat losses forever. Family businesses who own one or two units have had to keep paying their bills, their taxes, and their mortgages this whole time.

Congress already sent tens of billions of dollars to states for rental assistance.

The problem is with state governments, who’ve been pathetically slow to get that money out.

But when some socialist House members failed to convince their own fellow Democrats to extend this nationwide socialism through legislation, they somehow prevailed on President Biden through P.R. stunts.

One day before the President’s announcement, a senior advisor said the President had, quote, ‘double-, triple-, quadruple-checked’ whether he had the legal authority to do this, and concluded that he did not.

The President himself admitted that legal scholars find his position untenable. But he still caved and did it.

The far left wants to turn this terrible but temporary pandemic into a Trojan horse for permanent socialism. And the Administration is letting them call the shots.”

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