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Kennedy Meadows Transfer Applauded

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Sonora, CA – Tuolumne County Supervisors celebrate taking over ownership of the Kennedy Meadows property.

The county had been in talks with the Stewardship Council for several years about taking ownership of the resort property from PG&E. In November, the Board voted unanimously to take over the deed. At today’s meeting, the Board recognized all the agencies that help make the land transfer a reality.

Kennedy Meadows Resort Manager Matt Bloom told Supervisors, “I’m excited to work with the county. I think it will be a good relationship. The Stewardship council has been good to work with. We are happy it’s moving forward and look forward to working with everybody.”

There is still a lot of work to be done. Deputy County Administrator Daniel Richardson told the Supervisors starting this summer, several studies will begin including an enhanced recreational use plan and a cultural resource study. Those studies could take a year to two years to complete.