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Dispute Resolved Over Counting Petitions

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Sacramento, CA — A judge has sided with a group trying to overturn California’s law that grants certain rights and privileges to transgender students in public schools.

The Associated Press reports that a Superior Court judge has ordered the Secretary of State’s Office to add 5,000 signatures to the total amount collected that are in favor of a November ballot measure that would overturn the new law.

The Secretary of State’s Office had previously stated that the 5,000 signatures in question were invalid because they were turned in on November 12, when the deadline was November 10. The signatures came from Tulare and Mono Counties. Judge Allen Sumner ruled that since November 10 was a Sunday, and the 11th was Veteran’s Day, it was legally acceptable for the group to turn in the signatures on that Tuesday.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the “Student Success and Opportunity Act” this past year, and it grants transgender students the opportunity to decide which type of bathroom they choose to use (male or female), and sports and activities to take part in while at school.

Over 505,000 signatures are needed to qualify for a ballot measure that would seek to overturn the law. The signatures need to be verified by elections officials by January 8.