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A Possible Million For Rim Recovery

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Jackson, CA — The Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board will decide whether to use money from a 2006 voter approved proposition to help the Rim Fire recovery efforts.

Conservancy Spokesperson Brandon Sanders says, “It’s just an effort to put some resources on the ground where we know they are badly needed.”

The money would come from what is left of the $54 million Proposition 84 funds. Sanders calls it a meager amount in the big scheme of things, but hopes it will spur on other organizations to open their pocket books.

“There are major implication for water and timber resources, the natural environment and recreational activities in the area. We are hoping to bringing what we can spare from our budget in hopes that other folks in California might realize the urgency and possibly bring their own resources forward,” says Sanders.

The Board’s meeting is scheduled for December 4th and 5th in Jackson. If the funding is approved it will be implemented in the form of grants to local, state and federal agencies and other groups.

Click here for more details on the Conservancy.

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