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TUD Completes Rehabilitation Project

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Sonora, CA — The Apple Valley Sewer Lift Station Rehabilitation Project started in July 2020 and was recently completed. Over the last 10 months, the critical sewer lift station was given a facelift, adding one new sump, two new pumps, a new generator, a new building, and a fence. An access road is scheduled to be paved this coming May and a fence will be installed around the facility after the completion of the paving project.

The Apple Valley Sewer Lift Station is located next to Chicken Creek, an area that has had flooding during severe storm events. Notably in 2018, some severe weather caused three feet of water to flow through the building and caused some significant damage to several pumps as well as the generator and fence that surrounded the pump station.

The project was designed by the District Engineers and constructed by the Tuolumne Utilities District construction department with a cost of $388,125.